entice me with reality.

Went to my first car show on Saturday. FAANDIX Car show. 

Oh man, so much nice effin cars ! Saw so much nice engine bay, like CLEAN  SETUP. Sexy AF. Saw Skyline GTR, S14, Lotta Lexus (possibly VIP). Least 8-10 rows of car all lined up. Was only there for about 30-45min, why? well I went ALONE, pretty boring by yourself, walking around taking pictures with your phone…

Food trucks were there, raffles, give-aways, lotta stuff. Wasn’t much people compared to last year from what I’ve heard. Met Cung Le ! First…well-known person I’ve met. Anyways, Enjoy the pictures!

BTW, Clarence if you’re reading this, when I saw the S14’s…I thought of you (; no homo.

ps. I only saw 1 RSX (my dream/goal car), looked … really bad. Oh well, against all these cars, I give you kudos for showing up :P